Grow Your Business For $1usd A Day (Or Less)!

Dear entrepreneur,
If you’re interested in getting a website and growing your business for less than $1usd a day – you’ll love this ridiculously easy offer – First here’s question;
Is there any real advantage to having a website in Zimbabwe? Many unsuspecting entrepreneurs think that only a few people actually go online in this country…

That Belief Is Costing You Money!

5 Quick Facts to consider:
• Google Zimbabwe ( is used over 20 000 times a day.
• Over 1000 000 Zimbabweans now have internet access (at home, office or  internet cafes).
• The word “Zimbabwe” alone, is searched for on the internet more than 3000 time a day.
• Hundreds of people fill the internet cafes in Harare alone…EVERY SINGLE DAY.
• The Internet is by far the fastest growing communication medium is history…even in Africa!

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Here’s the bottom-line…

If You’re NOT Online, A World of People
Will NEVER Even Hear Of You!

But It Gets Even Worse… You’ll also be forced to pay expensive and risky advertising fees in other mediums like local newspapers, TV, industrial printing etc. All of which increases your costs, and risk whilst reducing your profits.

So Can a Website Grow Your Business? Good question, 5 answers…
A good corporate website can;

  • Grow your reach… Become accessible to literally millions of people world-wide and many thousands in Zimbabwe. If you ever want to go beyond Zimbabwe…a website is your 1st step. If you ever want to Grow your marketing budget… Enjoy free advertising and marketing online. The kind that would cost you a fortune in the newspaper, TV, radio or printed material
  • Grow how much you can say to your market… Communicate everything you want to for ‘free’. How much would it cost you to put your company profile in the newspaper? Or to print detailed brochures on every single service or product you offer? Your website can have as many pages as you want for no extra cost!
  • Grow your accessibility to your market… With a good website, you can talk to potential customers every day, all day and any time of the day, anywhere in the world!
  • Grow your competitiveness… Increase your credibility. Nothing says “Big Company” like a good corporate website. It can make all the difference for investors, suppliers, big buyers and potential partners.
  • You can probably think of more benefits for your particular case.


We’ll design, setup and customize a corporate website for your business for just $300usd – but we don’t expect you to have pay all that upfront. We understand you probably need that money for other areas in your business.

Pay ONLY $25usd A Month, For The Next 12 Months! – That’s just 83 cents ($0.83usd) a day! As soon as you make your first payment of $25, we’ll begin immediately to setup your website. (Of course if you prefer to pay everything upfront, we’ll give you a further major discount – you’ll pay only $200usd)

What’s the catch?

Well until you’ve paid off the cost of your website in full, we get to place
our small advert on your new website. The ad will not compete with your product line or services and will help us provide you with these very easy payment terms.

You Need to hurry if you want this.
Because of the nature of this offer, we’ll only make it available for just 10 people. That’s strictly the 1st 10 to pay their initial deposit. After that, well you’ll have to pay our usual fees for your website.

EXTRA FREE BONUS. Every one of these 10 people will also receive these two bonuses:

  1. Free web Hosting
  2. Free Domain Registration For the 1st 12 months (Than just 10usd a year there-after).

So What Are You Waiting For?
If you’re serious about going forward in your business, despite difficult times, you’ll never find another offer like this – ACT NOW. Call me directly to arrange a meeting in town or at my Eastgate office. Remember, this offer is only available to the 1st 10 people.

Personal Cell #: 011 661 853 (call or SMS).
Landline: 04 756 411 (ask for Max).

Yours for higher profits,

Max Soutter
Business Setup Group

P.S. For less than a dollar a day, you can move your business forward when your competitors are going backwards…act now. Remember this offer is only open for ONLY the 1st 10 people to act, don’t miss out. Call Max Now:+263 11 661 853

Or Contact us right now with the form below. (include your Full contact details, questions or comments)

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